We are interested in taking on more clients from the corporate sector. Our water fed pole system is ideal for office blocks or buildings, showrooms, shopping centres and superstores, chain restaurants and business with large signage or windows.

We also offer an internal window cleaning service which can be added to alternate cleaning visits if required. Our external system is quick safe efficient and non intrusive. We can reach up to 45 feet using our current pole and brush system and would be happy to take enquiries from any type of business on the Fylde coast who requires a reliable and speedy service.




We understand the needs of small and medium sized business across the Fylde coast and we already service a number of clients on high streets and industrial sites across the coast. Our service is able to keep on top of the outward appearance of your business ensuring that you always look perfectly clean to your customers.

Living in a coastal town we understand that businesses get regularly battered by either salt sand or rain and can look dusty and tired regularly. Our brush and pole Pure Water system is the best way to remove these built up deposits from windows or fascia panels on your business or property.

Estates Management

Blackpool and the Fylde coast are home to many hundreds of serviced accommodation style holiday homes. Reviews and first impressions are important to businesses like these; along with regular hotels and regular rented homes. We understand that keeping the bottom line low is essential in these types of businesses but we also understand that first impressions count too.

We are happy to provide a regular service to landlords and property owners in order to keep on top of the windows and fascias regularly and also to report back any other issues that we can help with.

Our service is non-intrusive to any guests that may be staying at your lodgings at the time of our visit and our system allows for us to work very quickly.

We are happy to discuss any requirements in person or over the phone with landlords or property companies looking for help with their assets. Please call 07504669910